There is something wrong. Something is very wrong. Is it with me or the world?

I hear that there are more women terrorists in the world, and it doesn’t surprise me. I saw the Mumbai episode and I hardly flinch.

Then when you let such trivial thoughts prevail for a while, and let it take it course in the thought process, everything falls into place.

Consider the first situation about women terrorists. Why wouldn’t they be? Look around you, all you can see is a differential treatment towards women. Lots have been spoken about religion based genocide, jihad and all that, but to a woman it doesn’t really matter. No matter what religion, belief, ethnicity, race you belong to, you got to brave the odd against lots of people everyday. It could be the helmet-clad two-wheeler rider, or the Versace clad boss, or the old guy shopping for vegetables with his granddaughter. What inflicts hurt more? Facing abuse in any form or taking a bullet through your chest? The former leaves a scar on your mind, for the rest of life, while the latter if you survive leaves a physical scar that wouldn’t hurt after healing. For those of you who have not really experienced abuse lets get a little descriptive. If you are guy, it’s like undergoing a prostate exam, only the person who is examining is not a doctor and does not have gloves on, is classified as a Pervert of the third degree, and most importantly it is without your consent. If you are girl, am sure you have heard enough and more. And oh yes, you have seen it in the movies.

Freedom is of many forms. And our forefathers had laid their claim on it through good means so it lasts. If men tend to exploit this freedom, then women will move towards disrespecting the same freedom. Thus a female naxalite/terrorist is born. The country does let you own a licensed arm, but why would I care for the country if I am treated like an object and not its citizen?? The society does have a great deal to do with this issue. Besides, once she begins to hate, she hates. And puts her superior intelligence to good use in effacement.

The second issue. The Mumbai terror attacks. It is plain and simple. Imagine a kindergarten class. There is a nice looking, good to hold pencil. Only one. And two little boys are fighting over it. The fight gets out of hand and the pencil breaks. Now neither of them want the pencil, for it doesn’t look good broken. But then a third boy, promises this quick fix adhesive that can fix the two broken pieces and bring the beauty back to life. So it starts all over again. They start pinching and punching and all that. All this while, the teacher is conducting this math test, ‘write 1-100’ she says and the third kid with his much used economic pencil finishes first. And while these two kids are caught fighting, they typically play the blame game. Final result – our two contenders fail, and the third kid gets an A+. ‘Teachers pet, is that you? –Yes, yes, yes!’ It is only co-incidental that the first kid is an Indian, the second a paki, the third a Chinky and the teacher is obviously white.

(I know it sounds racist, aren’t we all!?)

Now I know there is nothing wrong with the world. Even if the woman terrorist is caught, she will be abused, and even if the two kids are promoted with warning, they will never learn from their mistakes and let the teacher shower praises and accolades over the third kid.


2 thoughts on “There is something wrong. Something is very wrong. Is it with me or the world?

  1. Hi!

    i once came across a beautiful line, which i think, will compliment you take on abused women which says…”for every women, domestic battle starts at home.”
    But, I do not totally agree with your cause and effect relationship about being abused= turning terrorist. I think the reasons for women terrorists are way bigger and deeper than what you stated.

    Also, I liked your analogy of kids in class room fighting over a pencil to the current situation. Just that i wish ( like you and many others) that we (and student B) did learn something and cont to give tough competition to Chinks/ student C….



  2. Hi, you wrote such penchant issue over the status quo situation.Ominously of white people is common ,they are superior because they mockering us.They had always been done a lot of execerbate condition leaving us in a miserable situation by which we learn and start again .If anyhow we insolent white people they prevail on us and engage with rival and start doing disparate action as with comaradrei.


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