the parting note

As I lie here cold, frigid from the lack of breath,

My people around stay, wondering upon me.

What was it that made me live?

What was it that kept me alive?

What was it that I lived for?

What was it that I lie dead for now?

Dear loved one,

I lived for the sake of living. But you made it worthwhile.

You have taught me a lesson or two in life.

You were a part of what made me want to live.

It was You who kept me alive.

Through happiness and sorrow, through highs and lows.

One moment it shattered. And God bless that moment-

The moment that made me realise that my life does nothing

But instil pain and sorrow.

Adieu my Love!

Shed not a tear, for its still aches me so.

Going away, bidding farewell,

I take with me all Your difficulties and sorrow

And leave You with all happiness and joy.

5 thoughts on “the parting note

  1. haha good post and a crisp comment…ungla maadri periya aalunga enga blog pakkam vandhu naange ezhudra poem kum comment panna engalukkum punniaya pogum…romba naala vara ve ille neenge šŸ˜


    1. Thanks šŸ™‚

      and no i am not. its just something i wrote about. besides i would love to stick around and see my people happy than die with the belief that they will be happy. šŸ™‚


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