random love’ry ;)

Paradise or wherever this is, is a beautiful place,

I for now call it so for I am with him,

I swim like a swan in the tranquil depth of his voice wishing it were to be so for eternity.

I shall travel far and wide, if all I need is to seek a glance of his – eternal bliss.

A nice spring day with a silver cloud

Every time the hint of grey shifts and the sun shines down, it is as if he smiles.

Sparkles and twinkles here and there, lilies and daisies everywhere,

Alas, I can’t feel the delicate flowers, or the frozen mist

For in the warmth of his embrace my senses fail.

With a silent confession, a humid kiss

He gave me a ring and I, my heart.

There is no denying, there is drama in every little thing, for life is a stage in itself 😛

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