the itch of my heart.

When you look around I may not be there, but I assure you that I am there.

I shall always be there. When you are looking for your glasses or when you need an extra blanket.

I shall do my best to make sure you have the most of the best, and the best of the most.

I would brighten up anything, even the darkest of nights just to see you smile.

I want to make your every wish come true.

If it takes the light out of my life, I’d make sure you will have the radiance of a thousand dawning suns.

The twinkle of a zillion stars when you smile, I wish to never see it out of place.

I have been gifted by luck with you, and pray you get lucky with luck.

Of things divine, may you have only the best.

You filled the emptiness in my life, may your world be forevermore brimming with wonderful moments;

Nothing but the best for the world’s Best Sister!

4 thoughts on “the itch of my heart.

  1. You spoke d very words in my heart.
    I may not say them, but what u’ve written is absolutely true in my case(for that matter , in most sisters’ cases)……………keep up u’r amazing work!!!!


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