so long has this waited…

Life has constantly been changing for ever. And now I realise that we are nothing more a piece of wood drifting along a journey called life. Sometimes u get caught in a branch or dock at a rock and form a certain bond with your surroundings and other pieces of wood around. Some of them stale, some of them precious. It may take any amount of time for one to realise if where you are, or what you do is good or bad. But nevertheless as the journey progresses it leaves you with etched with character.
I do have good memories and bad. But I now realise I have no memories of my school days. Well I know where I went to school and I do have some of my classmates on my online networks, but no accounts of any conversations or anything else to remember. May be there was nothing worth remembering. Maybe no one was worth the time or effort. It does seem to be rude to think as such, but I never enjoyed my school days – not one bit. I used to hate most of my teachers and I don’t remember too many of my class mates
There are times today when a lot of people around me narrate their school time stories and all I have to say is how people at home used to coax me, goad me or even throw me into the school uniform and push me to school. Perhaps I never realised the worth of being a student until I met the right teachers.
This one is a sort of dedication to the people from whom I have learnt my most important lessons in life. I of course, have not expressed my thanks or gratitude to any of them in any way. This is also perhaps a public apology of sorts, for I may have wronged a few of them in the purpose.
Born into a huge family where there are perhaps more books than the walls can be covered with, my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother were the first people who encouraged my reading habits. Then came Mrs. RR – my primary school English teacher. She stood with me on the shore and let me appreciate the brilliant depth of the language and by the time I reached secondary school she had moved on, leaving me with an incredible urge to learn and explore. My grandparents were also instrumental in me discovering different other aspects – philosophy, mythology, theology etc. and the parents did their part in giving into my indulgence in music and the other hobbies. But as far as learning/writing or appreciating any piece of writing goes the credit goes to my grandparents and my dear teacher. If not for them my reading would perhaps been restricted to the dailies.
A second most important teacher has to be my biology teacher in higher secondary – Mrs. DT. She kindled the interest and that is perhaps why I am still interested in knowing why flagellate movement is so wonderfully special or which allele does what, so to say. I do feel very shameful that I couldn’t fulfil her desire of me pursuing medical genetics.
Someone who made me realise the one thing that is most important in ones life – time, Dr. MDK – our college chemistry head. Never has a single moment gone by that’s not utilised in his life. Such was his dedication and equally delicious were his musings about chemistry.
And finally the most recent… my first boss – Mr. S J. I know I may not have been the ideal kind but he definitely did his best – to make me learn, to teach me. He was all dedication and subtlety, which perhaps I can only thrive to achieve.
It goes without saying that my parents and my sister have been great influences. Patience – I am sorry dad I fear l will never have, I may never love learning as much as my mom and definitely not cook as well as her – but I do know I will definitely live upto being your molu.
[Daddy I know you keep tab of this blog, I hope to get some brownie points for this one 😉 ]

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