one more..

There has always been something written about the topic of death on this blog. Death itself is very depressing, even more so when there is a loss that cannot be comprehended by my meagre existence.

The last few weeks have been very saddening. There has been much written about the death of MJ, but then there is also Lohithadas and now DKP.

These are people I grew up with in my life. I remember the first time I watched color television, I watched MJ, he was the only thing that was ever on then on tv. And the mallu movies, can anyone really forget movies like His highness or kamaladalam or bharatham. and DKP.. MLV and MSS all gone. Leaving behind only their memories and their awesome work .

For the first time in months,I feel words failing me, choking on my own emotions that I cannot understand. Like a part of me taken away from me forever.

I am not someone who would cry or laugh or emote easily,

but you taught me how easy it was.

You helped me make sense of happiness better

and you pulled me away from the trivially deep chasms of human existence.

now that you are gone, I shall not miss you, for I know you are in a better place.

A better place, made better only by your presence.

Now that you are gone, I shall not miss you, but your work.

Work that you tried would make this a better place.

Work that perhaps can never be compared to.

wishes remain unfulfilled, but hopes remain as they were.

Hopes of waking up from this horrible dream.

Hopes of your legacy living on.

my words fail me now.

One thought on “one more..

  1. Death is indeed depressing. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson. My roomie back in New Jersey and me used to discuss him and his music a lot, when we used to live together.

    On the day of MJ’s death, tragic as it was, something even more tragic happened. My roomie’s father died in a car crash. It was the saddest thing for him without doubt – and it was sad for me. The death of MJ was pushed out of both our minds. Two weeks later, slightly coping better, he finally confides in me, that if his father hadn’t died that day, he would have felt very bad about MJ.

    Death is sad and I guess the only thing that belittles it is the love we feel towards the person we lost, and the memory that stays long after the person has left us.


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