It has been a really long time I decided to write anytime; and even longer since I thought of anything actually worth writing about. Actually it’s been a long time since I did a lot of the usual things, but some how life seems to be a lot nicer without the usual trivialities.

The usual networks have helped me stay in touch with or in some cases stay aware of the happenings with some of the junta. But then I do realize I do not care much about most of the online social networks, or for that matter any socializing. Each day as I log on, being bombarded with so many feeds/updates about what most people are doing, Farmville or just the usual status agonies. Somehow my life didn’t seem to be eventful relatively; the grass is definitely greener on the other side. That’s why the I-don’t-really-care came into being.

Anyway, no more nonsense. Why have I not been writing much, like I said nothing to write about. Writers block some say with a “?” and I just flash my widest grin. Honestly its just laziness. Some one calls for a movie, I have butterflies in my stomach… just the thought of having to get my ass off the chair and going out in the sun is such so agonizing. I could instead watch it online, comfortably. Lazy is one thing I have definitely become over the past few months.

As for the other updates for the long periods of absentia, there is nothing much really to report. I do have learnt a lot more about some good old fashioned stuff, like painting and crocheting. Primarily they are great way to unwind, and now the stress busters have taken the form of coasters or framed stuff hanging off walls.

Oh and yes there have been some dramatic shifts in personality as well. A complete revamp of social skills. I have been in touch with the usual suspects but beyond that, old friends/ex-colleagues/classmates et al, I have hardly been able to write a line to them. I do wish I could back in time and catch up with Johnny, sail, ujji, anusha, lachu, usha, vignesh, cheenu, sasi, sunitha, k, heena and murad – who of course is missing from the scene. Honestly this is a sincere apology for not keeping in touch with you guys. And if you have blogged I have read (is the only consolation I can make for myself)

As for this New Year, there were never resolutions or anything. But this year I may just have some. Hopefully I shall give up on pizza and some of the other vices. Then there is another one… I do want to start writing… here and hopefully some letters as well. I recently realized that I can’t write continuously for a prolonged period… Some practice would get the habit back. So yes good old fashioned letters.

Well, as for you guys, wish you a year filled happiness and pleasant happenings. 🙂

Oh and I will try and get back here as much as possible.

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