Sometimes we do realize that even if when we were in school, the system couldn’t influence us let alone educate us it does have a long-lasting effect afterward. The system of education in my country has finally begun to make me feel pitiful of myself.

Recent changes in the system of education have honestly traumatized me more than when I was 15. An average 15-year-old doesn’t know the basics of civics or what exactly a republic or a federal government means. It really doesn’t matter as long as the 26th of January falls bang on in the middle of the week and is a government holiday.  It is the plight of several kids in our city’s private schools.  Some of us may know of some kids who aren’t as such but mostly they seldom are.

As marks give way to grades , schools have started giving out ‘Assignments’ and the poor 15-year-old traumatized brain seeks help. With no help available readily at home, they bang on their neighbor’s door – mine. “Akka math assignment, lets do it” or sometimes its just “I have a match, can you do it and keep it ready. I will pick it up when I am back” For the amount of school work I have done this year alone, I would have been school topper year after year had I spent as much time while I was in school. Anyway, all the benevolence aside, the kids taught me that the keyword was money. So the assignments get done and also get taught to the kid. And in turn the kid goes back to class and helps the other less privileged peers. And for a fee. You can get a project done for as less as Rs. 20, answer sheet copies for 50 minimum depending on the subject and importance of the test. Sometimes it’s not cash, its tickets, or psps, or pirated cds, assorted things. Whatever people had in mind while devising this system this was definitely not one of them. May be we are making a generation that is street-smart and capable of business better than ourselves.

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  1. I guess this is where parenting plays an important role … to tell kids that assignements are not just to be completed … its a wonderful way of learning more on your own … providing them access to sensible internet sites … and with the kind of resources that they have available today learning would be really good fun for both parents and kids to learn together … also a good way to spend some good quality time together.


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