Hello Again


Monday evening.

I am back! I have missed this space and have actually missed writing. I was wondering what to write about, since so much has been written about at Frost At Midnite. So I kept drafting and saving, again and again but failed to publish it – just didn’t seem right. Now its all gone. I write on white space – a new start.  Clean and clear.

I don’t promise to write brilliantly or everyday, or some such non attainable stuff, but I shall strive to write some random and not so random stuff and will try to do so as and when I can. Perhaps I shall write about my tooth-brushing routine or how Spanish class is coming along. Maybe even a book review. :O  Something, anything is good as long as it gets me writing.

Changes are important in life. It keeps one moving forward. Frost At Midnite was so stagnant for so long even I got bored. I came back here and realised change was necessary – not only here but in my life as well. Hence a slow and steady implementation of the changes planned will take place over time.

Frost At Midnite sports a new bright look now and has a new post today. From dark to light – so be it. 🙂

I am just going to take all the good luck and best wishes from readers and go forward with making myself better. I do promise to write about it as well. Hope all has been well for the past year and more with all of you.

See you around!



I published the post and Yay!!! I guess it’s just the blog’s way of saying “Hello and welcome back!”

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