Movie messings

Two weeks back I was forced to go to a movie by my sister. She booked the tickets and then later in a typical younger sibling dramatic tantrum, she goaded me into it. It was the first movie I watched in the theater in more than Six years. Good God!!! I took a decision back then, after some really terrible movies that literally had me running out of the theater or falling asleep, that I was not going to pay for wasting my time and hence watched movies that were on TV. Most importantly I had the (remote) control. I could change channels or switch the damn thing off if I wanted to.

Well, the movie was “How old are you?” – a Malayalam movie that has caused enough hype for being the comeback platform for Manju Warrier; seems a little ironic that I went back to watch a comeback movie. The movie was a good one,  I didn’t leave nor did I fall asleep. It is definitely a feel good movie. There were no flying in the air stunts or insanely picturesque foreign locales as backdrops for songs –  a rather sensible movie without any beeps filling in between the dialogues. I’d say go watch it if you haven’t yet, but I figure all malayalees who have watched the actress in her earlier movies would already have done so.

As for my sister, she was rather gleeful for getting me to go with her, but the poor thing got food poisoning from KFC and spent the next few days sick. The only upside in the situation being that she got to boss me around. No matter how old we get I guess we will always be those little girls who were a team. We also realised early on that it is our god given right to annoy each other to no end.

Little sisters are truly a gift from God that I am sincerely grateful for. This post if to all the girls out there with sisters who have had a great time growing up together.



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