Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!!!


“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.”– Anne Geddes


This is for my daddy, as you have already figured out.

Everyone of us has an oldest memory. Mine is from when I was a baby. My father used to read the newspapers in the morning. He used to sit on the floor, spread the paper out in front of him and read it. And I, toddling away to glory,fascinated by what captivates my daddy, would sprawl myself on the papers. Each day, every day! I still remember how he used to pick me up and read the paper while holding me. Later when I started reading, I had my place next to him with my own little book. When I started school, I had to recite multiplication tables during this time. But never has he read the papers in peace when I am around. Even today. As my sister and I grew up, he read his papers at the table. never spread out, but properly held up. And I just had to walk by and give it a smack before going about my work.Though it has been noticed that he never does read the papers spread out on the floor or held up at the table if I am not around. And I realised that it was our very own father-daughter daily ritual.

There are a lot of men in my life – my father, my grandfathers and more than half a dozen uncles. All fathers themselves. My father and grandfathers have had the most influence in my life and I owe them a lot as well.


This post probably will be formatted rather horribly as my laptop is in a self induced coma, and I am posting this through my phone. 😐

Eight years ago, I started blogging. There is a post I wrote when I was watching the 2006 football world cup even. Sports was a topic that one of my grandfather’s was passionate about. He never missed a match or tournament. The TV or the radio was always on during a match be it football or cricket or tennis or whatever.

My other grandfather was hardly interested in sports, being more into books and philosophy and science. His house was a library, it even included a really cool typewriter for use.
These two men along with my father have been instrumental in my learning a lot in life. On one side, I grew up listening to anything from a story about a boy who wondered why the apple fell on his head, to how a man experimented with peas. Sometimes it would be a story from ancient Indian texts. On the other side, there were trips to the park and looking at monkeys, learning to climb trees, basically being out and about. My grandfathers were completely opposite, but I had the best of both while they were around.

Daddy, well he taught me by making me do things. I learnt how to fix a fuse, make shelves, gardening, cycling, driving, a lot of stuff more by doing all of them under his tutelage.

In all these years, my father has never lost his temper or his patience. He has told me “no” when I have been absolutely unreasonable, and encouraged fair trial at home for disciplinary actions.
Above all, these three men have taught me the most important lessons in life – to love and to respect. Through their own childhood adventures I learnt about what not to do, or how not to get caught at mischief. Through their life, they’ve taught me the value of diligence, perseverance, and dedication. They’ve shown through example that no matter what life throws your way, it is up to you to give up or become resilient.

Basically all through my life I have learnt that my life is what I make of it. There may be obstacles, potholes deeper than a person can stand in, troubles that engulf you whole and go on for a time – but no matter what, you make use of it, turn it into a lesson, an experience that you come back from better than you were before.

Lessons are very important in life, no matter what the source. It helps make us better people. To have such men, fathers, in our life to teach us, to help influence and shape our personalities is a blessing. More so if you are a girl. A daughter has a special place in her father’s heart – I have heard it a lot in my life. And I believe it as well, how can I not when I am treated as one of daddy’s princesses.

Wishing all the Daddies in the world, a Happy Father’s Day!

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