Some updates.

If you have been following this blog since I began writing here, then you probably have read this.

This was when I had a major crush and my friends knew about it and blah blah blah. Back then I wondered if  I would ever get over it. Some people even said, it will always leave a pang in your heart.

But glad to report I found out it doesn’t. From one li’l bird to another li’l bird to another and so on, I came to know the guy is in a very committed relationship, i.e. married. For a second, I wanted to feel what heart-break felt like. I waited, and then waited some more. Nope, nothing. not even a small prick. So much for all that writing. Then I realised that feeling nothing was a good thing actually. And I felt happy! Immensely so, for when you thought in your naïve avatar, that a certain sort of information will get you down in the dumps, and now you actually don’t care about it, it just shows you are much more of a grown up than you estimated yourself to be. It also proves that you are so over it! Oh, I have known for ages about it, but it feels so good to have a confirmation, because you never know with this sort of thing i.e matters of the heart!

I do have to thank him, and the Gods as well for the emotion though. Had it not been for that phase, I wouldn’t have enjoyed some forms of poetry as much.

Anyway, while I was floating around in my happy bubble, my friend called and spoke to me about a few issues she was having while on an assignment abroad. Apparently there are middle-aged Indian men who are perverts everywhere! Now, she has to look for accommodation again! And so, my bubble burst a little. 😦 Hoping for better things in the future for her. (I think that race, caste, creed, religion doesn’t matter when it comes to such behavior, it is always condemnable. But as an Indian who has heard people talk about how Indian culture and traditions dictate treating others with honor and respect, this sort of person is worthy of  being cited as an example of how not to behave)

In other news, I have been chatting with one of my college mates whom I have been on good terms with. We were never good friends, nor were we just acquaintances – we are somewhere between. So Sid and I have been doing what perhaps should have been done a long time ago. Random words on random topics – it is a good way to get to know someone whom you can call a friend. 🙂

Also, one of my dear old friends, Rahul, left me hanging after hinting about a possible love story ala Bollywood style! Never ever do this anyone! It’s already brought on a headache. Rahul, if you are reading this, my head aches just thinking of the suspense. So it better be worth it. Seriously though, I wish you do have a nice little love story and your own un-poppable bubble of happiness, and may it be filled with pink glittery stuff! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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