Pain can be of many types. You stub your toe and it hurts. You get a burn or an open wound it’s going hurt more later than in the beginning. But the worst is when your heart is hurt.

I recently heard two people talking, about me. They were under the impression that I was not in the vicinity, unfortunately I was. The crux of that conversation was that I am pretty much a useless,good-for-nothing, who will never amount to anything. Perhaps so, only time will tell.

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, and so they had theirs pertaining to me. So then why did it hurt me so? I realise that no one wants to hear that one amounts to nothing,but this specially hurts even more so, because one person of the two was supposed to have my back no matter what. That’s what family does, doesn’t it? Also that instead of telling me that I must change myself and my ways to become a better person, they go talk about me when I am not around.

The disappointment and agony is more because this was so much beneath them. I never thought they were capable of such gossiping.

I shed a few tears, then I realised it didn’t matter if I don’t amount to anything. Who cares, they definitely don’t!

Heartbroken -Yes. Defeated – Not.

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