Movies! – Jurassic World, DeMonte Colony.

Alright, getting one off the to-do list. 🙂

I watch few movies, and recently I have watched just two new movies – Jurassic World (English), and De Monte Colony (Tamil).

Now, I am prejudiced to Jurassic World. I remember having gone to the theatre and watching the t-rex rip eveything apart, and feeling the chill in my bones. My baby sister, who was then a toddler wailed right when the t-rex dropped the goat leg and she and my uncle spent the rest of movie sitting outside. But it was a revelation of epic proportions! Having only vague ideas from museums and school text books, to actually seeing the dinosaurs walk the earth on film is incredible – no matter what.

Jurassic World is yet another movie featuring these reptiles, only its bigger on all scales. Monstrous beings! As any other Jurassic movie, this movie also has the same plot. Dinosaur island – people walking freely – security systems fail –  dino  eats people –  dino eats dino – hero saves the day! Perhaps its a similar story line, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean, there’s great imagination that goes into making these movies. And for that reason we can go see it once. There a new and improved dinosaurs featured, gadgets and gizmos etc. But honestly, Jurassic Park  will always be my favourite of the lot, for having initiated us into that world.👍👍👍

De Monte colony – well as many of us who live in Chennai have done, I have gone through the street, if only to get to TTK Road. It is a legend, like so many other places in Chennai. But this  movie does not qualify as a horror flick. at all ever. I watched this movie with my mother, grandmother and my sister. My grandmother is a sort who will watch any movie, no matter what! But at the end of De Monte Colony, she looked at us and said it was a hopeless excuse at being a movie! 👎👎👎👎👎

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