5 months… What!!!!!

It’s been almost 5 months since the last post! Where did all that time go??? Like they say, time does fly! Sigh… if only we can as well.

5 months may seem like a life time to some, and not much to others, to each his own. What’s happened in this time??? Not much really. 😦 Life has been happening happily and I have been a happy person on all most all days.

Did you know that Chennai, where I live had rains unlike any seen in a century! We were flooded, basically it was a mess. People can place the blame on anyone they want to, but let’s face it, no one could have stopped the rains. We could have been better prepared yes, but a city that is normally sunny couldn’t have imagined 3ft of water flowing through its streets (in some places it was reported to be over 10 ft). I am not blaming anyone or anything, nor I am glad that people suffered. We must though realise that every dark cloud has a silver lining and my City landed on its feet helped by all of its citizens. As with any experience all of us learned something from it as well. And we hope that our leaders and authorities have as well.

In other news, I read a few books, discovered new music, have tried to keep up studying and stay committed in that area though it has not always been possible. Also workouts have been sporadic :(, but this past week has been awesome in that regard.

I know I keep making a promise to write more, I do try. Now I have to rush off to go grocery shopping (Yes, trying to behave like an adult sometimes) and therefore stopping this here.

Hope all of you have great Week!!!


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