Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!

Hope your 2015 was good and wishing your 2016 will be even more fabulous.

I had a good year last year and am looking forward to 2016. This post is just to list out things I think of getting done or just goals in general. I probably will come back here and update as and when, also good to know that I have somewhere written down all this so I can stay on track.

Reading Goals!

Goodreads sent me an email asking me for a reading challenge, and so I did. My goal is to read at least a 100 books this year. I normally do read a lot, last year I managed some 200 books, this year I shall try to hit as many but a 100 seems doable.

I do want to mix up categories and make things interesting. For this, I depend on lists that are available online or feeds and reviews on Goodreads. I do not have many lined up this as yet for this year, but these – Shakespeare (complete works), Ibis Trilogy, Meditations, The Indian Epics retold, some Wodehouse, some of  Georgette Heyer, HG Wells – are books that I mean to revisit this year. As of now, I have only these in my to be read list, which continuously grows.

Studying Goals!

Yay! So this year I mean to finish a lot. There is a business course that I enrolled in that I will complete this year. I also mean to start new languages on Duolingo or Memrise. These websites have been amazing. I loved both when I was learning French and Spanish.I will also try to do some MOOCs. For this, I rely mostly on Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Codeacedamy. Also, another place to learn new stuff is Learnist. In case you are wondering about something new to learn, have a look at some of the above sites, you will definitely find something to your liking.


Crochet was something I learnt in the psat few years. Indulging in the hobby was a bit of problem because, I couldn’t find a good  place for yarn and needles. (I learnt the craft using twine, and size 4mm hook my grandma had.) Last year I discovered two websites that, ItsyBitsy and PonyCraftStore. Loads of stuff for most hobbies can be bought here.I bought some yarn with which I plan to crochet a blanket. One row a day is the goal, let’s see how many rows it takes to finish it.

So far, that’s about all the goals I have in mind, but We still have 364 days left.

What are you planning for this year?


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