Tasteful Memories

When I was a child, we used spend our summer vacation at both my grandparents’ place. One was an adventure in a wilderness. The other was being pampered after the adventure.

At my maternal grandparent’s house, when we got home from the railway station, I would brush my teeth and run to the kitchen to open all the boxes and have a look. This was one dish that was always in one of the boxes. If my granny didn’t make it before hand, she would make it once I arrived.




It is called ari-unda. Roast the rice, grind it(to your preferred texture), add jaggery that’s melted down with water, grated coconut and roll into balls when it’s still hot. It won’t shape up otherwise.

How can food bring up so many memories!
Now I am off to think about it and stuff myself full of ari-undas.

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