Book Review – The Earl Takes All, Lorraine Heath

The Earl Takes All (The Hellions of Havisham, #2)
by Lorraine Heath

This is Book 2 of the series.

Book 1 shows us glimpses of the characters of the twins and Lady Greyling. Lady Julia comes across as someone who came between two brothers, the Earl as one who avoided conflict and loved peace, Edward as the troublemaker because he lost his brother to his sister-in-law.


After reading Falling Into Bed with a Duke, Julia is a bit of a let down after Minerva. Where Edward had a don’t care attitude while still caring with all his heart about his friends, he comes across as a rather tame being. But then, tragedy does that to a person.

After losing his twin and promising him that he would care for his wife and unborn child, Edward assumes the identity of the Earl and returns to England. He faces difficult choices playing his twin. While he slips into the role of the Earl with ease, that of a husband and a father come with guilt. But he survives.

Julia, on the other hand, is someone who was reserved and wedged a rift between twin brothers in book 1. In this book, she gets to know herself and comes into her own skin after spending 4 months by herself while the twins were off on an adventure. She welcomes her husband back but feels the differences she notices are a result of them both having changed over the past few months. Despite these differences, they somehow become closer to each other than before.

When the truth eventually is out, how our hero and heroine deal with it and get over any problems is the rest of the story. Of course, there is the happy ending in the end.

While Falling Into Bed with a Duke was interesting in its portrayal of characters and plot, this book is less so. It is a risky plot, many may not sympathise with Julia or Edward. I had more expectations of Edward’s story given his taste for travel and adventure. Personally, I think this book can be skipped while reading the series. Lorraine Heath has written better stuff.

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