Some times all of us forget to appreciate our surroundings. Come to think of it we look at beaches on our HD screens and don’t go to the real thing because of any excuse we can come up with.

Last week one of our friends who was going off on a trip asked us to take care of his pet fish.  He came and dropped off ‘Aqua’ at our place. Aqua is a fighter fish and lives in his glass bowl of a world. A brilliant beauty. He is a clever thing too. Always lying around at the bottom, and swimming around wildly when someone approaches.  It’s been fun with our little guest.

Tiny things make us realise that we are sometimes an insignificant link in the universe. I mean, here I get ready with sunscreen and compact and lipstick and eyeliner. And this little fellow is always so sharp looking. Humans can be so vain!
We always look to match colour but look at him, there  are a riot of colours yet they are all in such  harmony. The creator (or evolution) did a fabulous job with all living things.

But somehow human beings fail to find the beauty in life. Even if we do, we don’t find the divinity in it.


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