Little Hope

She dangled her feet, swinging them gently.

Her thick silver anklets keeping her rhythm.

Those little feet bear such a burden,

Yet they swing with abandon.

Little one, you have just begun to walk.

Do you know how far you have to go?

Do you know where you go or what you will see?

The people who will meet?

Some will trod on your little toes,

Some you will stamp on to get ahead.

Far from now, a time shall come when your little feet shall hurt.

I can only hope that then you can still swing your feet with the same joy and abandon.


While commuting today, we were stuck in a traffic jam for the most part of an hour. Next to us, in an auto rickshaw, there was a family. A little girl sat at the side alongside her mother. The little one was not bothered about the heat or dust. The traffic jam was nothing to her. She was in her own happy world. She sat there, swinging her feet and we spent that time listening to the tinkles of the bells from her anklets.

She inspired what I wrote above.


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