2 Changes

Changes are good. Some changes are great. I did say I would be writing more and I have. Six posts (including this one) already and there is still more of October left. I am happy with this progress. So, I went ahead and gave Frost At Midnite a makeover.

The background/ header image and the icon are photographs taken by me and the theme looks simple and clean. I am loving it! I have been making some tweaks here and there, and now I am happy with the way it looks.

The one thing I was sad about was removing the blogroll section.  I am following those blogs, and will probably put it up again when they start blogging again. (If you like the way it looks, or not, or if there is something I can do better, do let me know in comments.)

I also made a change in my real life. Something I did a week back that needs to be written about. A little background here – a few years ago my parents wanted me to get married. And they created a Kerala Matrimony profile for me. I was not interested in getting married at that point in time. But, I still was ok with them looking because if it’s meant to be, it’s will happen. And like Indian parents are bound to do, they brought forward proposals and I met some of them. I have written about some of those experiences earlier.

This past year the entire experience has been terribly awful. In this regard, I would say my parents are like wind wanes. They turn in the direction of the influencing wind. Which is mostly hot air originating from my relatives. Words were exchanged, tempers rose and things got sour.

Anyway, now all through this entire period of time, they had been paying money and renewing that profile. It was up for renewal  earlier in October. So, last Friday, I went and deleted that godforsaken profile of mine! Honestly, I thought there would be some noise from the parental unit and relatives, but there haven’t been any repercussions so far. Should I be worried? Perhaps. But I am now a less anxious because I don’t have to be worried about another proposal.

I am sure that these men I have met are all good people, but we would Never have gotten along(Please note the emphasis, that’s how strongly I felt about it). My relatives have told me that I am not right in this regard and that all of those proposals were excellent. But here’s the thing. Every time they bring forth a proposal, while my family goes to an astrologer to match horoscopes, I do a background check.

In this day and age, a background check is a relatively simple thing to do. And since I have worked for Google’s search and quality,  I know how to dig and where to look. So I get to know things and this helps me in making my decision. Like, there was a one person whose education can best be described as foggy. Now, if I were to present someone similar as a prospective groom to any of my relatives’ daughters, they would reject it. But if I do so, then I am called names. Well, that is the way of life, isn’t it? Opinions are conveniently subjective.

Now, I can’t wait to have my cousin sisters go through the same experience. Just so I can point fingers and call people hypocrites. Fun few years coming up and I really am looking forward to them.

Edit –

I know a few people who have had a similar experience through matrimonial websites. Some I already knew in life, some I got to know through these matrimonial websites. They would randomly send me a friend request on facebook and let me know that their parents have already sent a mail to my parents etc. Over the years, I have gotten to be friends with some of them. Some have found their life partners(not through these websites, though) and some haven’t.

To those who are presently going this process, or will be going through it, please remember, Patience is a virtue. Be brave and make your life choices wisely.

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