Daily Prompt: Rearrange


It is a bizarre coincidence that today’s daily prompt is rearrange.

Tomorrow is Diwali or Deepavali here in India. I am not going to write about it. We are all of us in a great mood around this time. There are bonuses, crackers, sweets, and holidays! There is something for everyone during this time.

This morning, I woke up to sad news. One of my classmates from school passed away. He had gone on a trek and he is never coming back. It came as an immense shock to all of us. (Read about it here)

This guy was soft spoken and didn’t go near any trouble. My main memory of him is seeing him with his mother. She used to come to school to drop him and his sister off. Again in the evenings, she used to come to pick them up. Every day of our 14 years of school, she would it. I spent 14 years of my life sitting in the same classroom with him.

Those of you who went to National Public School (Gopalapuram, Chennai), I am sure you will remember G Aravindhan of the 2001 batch.

Let’s just say today has seriously rearranged all of our lives. We are looking at things differently. We may perhaps move on to normalcy but there will always be a little niggling sensation of something in our minds in the days to come. I can’t write any more about this. All of us batchmates have been discussing this and those of who can have been available to the family for help as well.

I pray that God gives his mother, father, and his sister the strength during this horrible time in their lives.

And as for you, my friend, you are always in our heart. 14 years of memories you have given us and those we shall cherish forever.

These are Vidhya’s words for you.

Dear Aravindan,
I think it has been three years since we spoke. it was exactly a day before my birthday when I came across your number and called you. And today, I hear that you are no more. I cannot tell you how much I cried over this. But what good is it? would it bring you back? if only it would. I remember how we use to take on each other those math tests and how every time you used to win. I remember the silent geek you were always trying to grasp perhaps every breath the teachers exhaled. attention. that was something i learnt from you in the short while we were together. and a smile that ran from ear to ear. how it would radiate your kind hearted nature.

were we good friends? of course not. for if we were, I would be able to give your mom comfort at this hour. I would help her overcome the worst feeling in the world – of outliving her own child. For if we were, I would have known your unlived dreams and helped her live through it. for if we were, I would have had the guts to tell her you breathed last doing something you were so passionate about.

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.



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