Giants are mythical creatures. You find them everywhere in books, from the Ramayana to ASOIAF.

My favourite giant is Kumbhakarna. He was Ravana’s brother and you can read more about him here. There is another giant who is also a favorite. Ghatotkacha! There is something to be said being a giant isn’t it. Living life Giant sized. More about Ghatotkacha here.

There is an old Tamil movie song, from the movie Mayabazar. It is a how Abhimanyu marries Sasirekha and Ghatotkacha plays an important role in it. My most favorite part of the movie is this song. For obvious reasons, of course. (He lists out all the dishes prepared for the wedding feast, and ends up eating all of it!)

If only one could live so. The next closest thing we have to them are possibly Giant Pandas, IMHO.

Special shoutout to WunWun.

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