Book Review -Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid (Books 0.5, 1, 3)

Winston Brothers by Penny Reid

October has been a fantastic month mostly. I wrote a lot! Actually, perhaps not every day but I surpass my own goals. Yay!

Also, in October my head was crammed into books. Mostly accounting books. It was torture. My mind understood, then misunderstood and on and on and on. Sigh!

That circus took a toll and to get away from it, I picked up these three books. Each would take you a couple hours from start to finish and it was a good two days of senseless and enjoyable reading.

The bearded series is about 6 brothers. They have a sister whose story can be taken up as a prelude but also belonged to another series. Anyway, that book does the introductions. We have Jethro, Billy, Cletus, Ashley, Beau, Duane, and Roscoe. Ashley’s story is the prelude. That book is Beauty and the Mustache. Duane’s is Truth or Beard and Cletus’s is Bearded Science. There was Jethro’s story in Grin and Beard It which I didn’t read.



Penny Reid has crafted a fun family. The stories are however predictable. The typical tall, handsome guy; the damsel in distress; and they live happily ever after. That is the one thing that happens in all these books.

The first book, Beauty and the Mustache, had Ashley coming back to take care of her dying mother, and falling in love with the tall handsome blond Drew. (Obviously she calls him a Viking conqueror.) The second book, Truth or Beard, has Duane falling for Jessica, who is a hot school teacher. The next one I read, Beard Science, had Cletus falling in love with Jennifer.

The one other common thread is a biker gang that’s constantly causing trouble. These siblings know the gang through their good-for-nothing-but-trouble father. Obviously, the next few books will bring about more of the same and perhaps the end for the gang.

If you are looking for a funny romance, which is a quick read I would recommend this series. Each of these books can be read as a standalone. It is not funny on an “Emma Chase” level, but there is some humour. I guess the author will get there when she does.

I am still reading The Greek Myths by Robert Graves, and won’t be finishing it anytime soon. But I do strongly recommend it if you are interested in the topic.


One thought on “Book Review -Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid (Books 0.5, 1, 3)

  1. Reblogged this on Frost At Midnite and commented:

    Book 4 of The Winston Brothers series is out. Beard in Mind is Beau’s story. He is the other twin. We read Duane’s story before, in the second book and this one is.

    Beau’s story was different. The was not too much drama with the biker gang. But there was everything else that one would expect to find in a romance novel.

    As usual Penny Reid’s Beard in Mind was a quick and easy read. If you have read the others in the series, go ahead and indulge.
    Personally, I am waiting for Billy’s story which is almost a year away.


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