A month back I had decided to write more(here’s that post). Not that I didn’t want to write, but I just couldn’t. It was a very weird thing too. There was so much stress that I was going through, and now I think about it, writing would have been a massive outlet for it. Of course, I did rant a few times here and there.

But, I have kept it up. I have written more in this past month. October was a good month writing wise. I still have a long way to go. Remember Kung Fu Panda’s #365DaysOfWriting? I am nowhere close to that. But I can try.

And the daily prompt has been immensely helpful in my efforts to write more. It is just one word that I need to write about. Something, anything, nothing, but write we must! It just takes some sincere effort on one’s part.

One more sincere effort that I need to put in is getting to move more. Teaching, studying, reading and writing, and working are all done sitting down. While I do go out and about it doesn’t count more. I need to walk those 10,000 steps or at least workout more.

Usually I track my activity on my phone, but lately I have been thinking about a fitness tracker. Since I am a newbie to it, perhaps an Mi band? What’s your opinion? Let me know if you use one. I could use some second opinions.

Since this prompt was ‘sincere’ I couldn’t help but think about people. We are often surrounded by so many of those aren’t we? How many of them are actually sincere about themselves? Are we really seeing their true selves?
If we were just a bit more sincere to ourselves, we could have a lot less drama in all our lives.

PS – if you are someone who is preparing for an entrance exam and has a round of GD, then do use the Daily Post’s Prompt for the day. It will be immensely helpful in your preparing for that round.

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