Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Everyone has them – Second thoughts. In every walk of life, look around us and you can see someone having a second thought about something. Whether it is a 6-year-old who has just guessed what 6+6 is or a random person who just purchased that shirt that was not on sale, they are all having second thoughts about it.

Why can’t we have these thoughts before and not after an incident? Forget kids, but adults need to practice this more often. We always tend to have second thoughts only after we have done something, when we should have spent time thinking about it before.


This is especially true in today’s day and age. We are surrounded by information, why can’t we use it to make an informed decision? What’s stopping us? Some truly prudent souls do and they have no second thoughts. Some really reckless people just act, they didn’t have a first thought let alone a second.

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. – Henry Ford

Every situation in life can be made better just by thinking on it a little further. Spend time, list the pros and cons, and think about it again. Look at what you have listed, once again, think about it. Have a second, third and fourth thought on it. Think about it some more if it helps. But no matter what, prepare yourself to make that decision.

We cannot afford to spend our lives having second thoughts. There is this one life, this one day, this one moment in which we live, why must we spend it doubting ourselves and our decisions?

In most cases, our gut instinct is right. We just need to fine tune it. This is where the information and data we collect helps us. And the knowledge that we have gained in our life, by learning and observing others, helps us to understand the information at hand. This, in turn, helps our decision-making process.

The last thing to do, when still in doubt, is to actually ask for a second opinion. Ask another person what their thoughts are on the situation. Get their input as well. With all this, we can move ahead and make our decisions.

We can buy that shirt or make an investment. We can say yes or no to whatever we are faced with. The one thing we will never be doing is to have second thoughts about it afterwards.

On that note, let us hope our friends in the USA have done their duty and elected their next President after much thought. There is no time for second thoughts now.

Let us look to the future with hope for a better tomorrow for all of us, everywhere.

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