True Love by Sara Leite

True Love by Sara Leite

Quillr is a place where one can go to read short stories. Some are free and some are to be paid for. The contents are varied and worth your time. Quillr is a good place when you want to check out creative writing from people around the world. It is stuff like this that makes the Internet a great place!

Now about True Love.

True Love is a short story about a woman who is stuck in a marriage. Sara Leite writes about the conflict between commitment and love. When you are married to someone and that marriage was based on love; years later when any trace of that very emotion is missing from the marriage, one ends up with a conflict – To stay or leave?

Sara Leite’s True Love is about a woman going through this very phase. Although True Love is written well, I feel it would have been better if the usage of metaphors were limited. It was all well and good to liken the depth of feelings to an ocean, but it went a bit far when the ocean crept up far too often. And especially when the husband comes along and ‘stands on her deck’.

Metaphors are funny that way. They are vital to creative writing because they give the reader a thought, a blank space to fill with their own interpretations. The author got it right initially, but about halfway through, it went overboard.

Sara Leite’s True Love was a good read overall. I loved the way that the author describes conflict and emotions. Eventually, the story does leave a question in our minds – a question about true love!

Could it have been better? My answer would be Yes. True Love is the author’s first story on Quillr and surely there is much more good stuff coming in the future.

I do look forward to more of Sara Leite’s work.


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