RIP Google’s Best

Ten years ago, in December, I started working for Google. I am not going to write about all the interviews I went through or the work I did. I am not going to write about the good, the bad, and the ugly about my time at Google. Neither am I going to write about all the wonderful people I worked with and who I have come to adore and admire.

Google happened the same year I started blogging. Though in the beginning, I didn’t do it much because of training, work, moving to an entire city and just settling into that life. All I wanted to do when I got back home was sleep. Even when I moved into an apartment with a wonderful roommate and I set up my room, that’s all that I wanted to do end of the day.

My bed is a luxury. It is my space. Doesn’t matter what is happening around me, but my bed is my haven – two mattresses and plenty of pillows. Pillows of different shapes and sizes, some of cotton, some of foam, some of that bean filled things as well. Some even had tassels on them. Pillows covered in cotton or velvet or satin were always there. Like I said, my haven was luxurious. And I don’t pollute the atmosphere of my haven with anything, not even my phone.

At that time I had a Nokia 6600 and then I upgraded to a Samsung E250. These two were awesome phones. The Samsung E250 was a very usefull one. I took plenty of notes in it and it was used and abused till it shattered. But I do miss my Nokia 6600 even now. These phones were always kept away from the bed. I still do not take my phone with me to sleep. It stays switched off or in flight mode and in another room while I sleep.

When I go to bed, I take a ridiculously long time to fall asleep no matter how tired I am. Physically I am just waiting to shut down and rest, but that is when my mind shifts into fifth gear. I have to think about things I had to do and I didn’t; things that I did and how I could have done them better, etc. But mostly I think about things to write about. It was in those final waking moments that some good thoughts to write about came to me. I am  my most creative best in bed, apparently!

Being myopic, I can’t really read or write well without glasses, so I always keep them around, close to my side. But getting out of bed is never an option until I wake up. RIP Google’s Best This is where ‘the best thing that Google gave me’ came in. When I joined Google, I got to choose things from the Google Store (Now the Google Merchandise Store, the Google Store is for the phone and accessories.). And one of the items I chose was a pen because, I love stationery!

MY Google Pen

This pen was really the best thing! It lights up you see, and it was awesome. I kept a notepad and my Google pen by my bedside and whenever I had a thought, it was so awesome! I’d just put on my glasses, press the button to light up and jot down whatever was on my mind. My Google pen has been with me for 10 years now. After many battery replacements, it has finally died. I’d like to think the pen lived a good life. Though I am truly saddened by the loss, I was hoping to replace it with another of those pens.

I went to the Google Merchandise Store to look for a replacement to my Google pen, but nothing close to it was found. Major heartbreak followed and that is what prompted this post. There are only two options with an LED – a stylus and a ball point pen. But why would I want a ball point pen that shines a light into my eyes at night!?!?!? My Google pen had a light in the middle that was good enough for lighting up the paper I wrote upon.

Google, you have made me even sadder for the loss of my Google pen! I hope that the guys at Google do decide to bring back this type of pen to their inventory, hopefully in the near future.

I haven’t looked elsewhere for pens like this because I am sulking at the moment. In case you know of a place that has this kind of pen, please let me know.


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