Book Review – Tale O’12 by Biranchi N Acharya

Tale 0’12 by Biranchi N Acharya is the first book from “Bloggers To Authors” program at BlogAdda. A platform where we encourage our bloggers to write their own book and take a leap in their career.

The overview of the book is thus:

Every life event is a story. In fact, every moment of our life is part of a story being happened. We always ignore those because we think stories have no connection to real life happenings. But when we read stories or fictions suddenly we connect ourselves to the storyline or some of the characters emotionally or otherwise. That’s why stories always fascinate us, entertain us & give us some lessons of life.

‘Tale O’ 12’ is a collection of twelve stories inspired from real life events written in a fictional narrative. One would definitely connect to the characters of the stories in some manner or other because all the stories have something that’s related to everyone’s life.


Though it says Tale O’12 is a collection of twelve stories, I’d rather describe it as a collection of twelve experiences. What is a life without experience? Everyone has had some experience that influences our lives from that point on. Biranchi N  Acharya shares twelve such experiences he has had and gives us an insight into the lessons that these experiences have taught him.

Real life events have inspired these twelve stories, making them relatable to all readers. We can definitely see ourselves in some of these characters, and we would have definitely gone through a few of these experiences in our lives as well. Tale O’12 is a relatable book that way.

Biranchi N Acharya, being a blogger, has had the luxury of writing and it shows in his work. This book is a well written one. But, my only complaint is in the proof-reading.  All writers go through this. When one writes, the thought flow is transferred to paper (or a text editor). This means some words are lost, some words may be misspelt, and there may be some mistakes in syntax and grammar. Editing is something that most writers do and that effort shows up in Tale O’12.

“To write is human, to edit is divine.” ― Stephen King,

This book is edited well, but proofreading is where it failed. There are errors throughout the book, which could have been avoided.

Some examples of errors

As a reader, it is very annoying when one is immersed in a story –  a story that has taken you along as it meanders but you have to ‘sudden break’ because of your pedantic nature spots an error!

Since it is BlogAdda’s first attempt, I hope they make sure that their next venture does not go through the same.

Despite this, Biranchi N Acharya’s Tale O’12 is a delightful read. There are a lot of tidbits in the book that I loved.

In the preface, he lists the three basic reasons to read –

  • Entertainment
  • A quest to know something
  • The lesson learned by the reader

And goes on to explain these as well. These are true… that is why once you start reading, you keep at it. And the author illustrates the ‘why’ quite nicely.

Among the twelve stories in the book, you will definitely have favourites. But the most important aspect of the Tale O’12 is that it offers an insight into various topics, ranging from prejudice to politics; from spirituality to courage. The author’s knowledge on these topics and how he explains them in simple words are superb. What makes it even better is that the author, despite narrating his own perspective and inferences, leaves the reader to think about the experience and form their own opinions, learn their own lessons.

On Politics

One important thing that every story includes in its narration is the fact that, though the author is an experienced and well-read person, he never stops learning and the thirst for knowledge is kept alive by him. This is something that all of us should strive for.

‘The difference between a good day and bad day is your attitude’, Pijushda said philosophically, ‘everyday is usual, neither good nor bad. Your attitude determines how the day turns out for you’.

The twelve stories  from Tale O’12 range from around 10 to 40 pages each. Each story is a delightful read. I would recommend this book for all age groups and especially to those who want a quick and easy read.

It has been an added delight to read this book as I love BlogAdda’s idea of “Bloggers To Authors” program and this is the first result from it.You can find the book on Amazon here.

About the author

Biranchi N Acharya is a competent engineer by profession and habituated blogger and writer by passion. As an ardent political/social observer he is a regular contributor to various online political and social platforms that publish articles. His various articles/blogs ranging from opinions on politics, current affairs, socio-economic issues, religion and spiritual thoughts have been published on different platforms and highly appreciated by readers at large. Lot of his anecdotes are also based on real life experiences mostly in story telling style posted in various free blogging sites and has earned him loads of reader’s accolades. ‘Encounter with Wisdom’ is the first book of the author published in December 2014. ‘Tale O’ 12′ is his second book.

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