Book Review – The Viscount and The Vixen by Lorraine Heath

The Viscount and The Vixen by Lorraine Heath

The previous books in the series were not at all like any of Lorraine Heath’s previous novels. Neither is this one.

The Viscount and The Vixen is the third instalment of the Hellions of Havisham Series by the author. And is the story of Viscount Locksley and how he finds love.

As you may remember, the series starts off with the plot of three young boys who are orphaned and end up at Havisham under the guardianship of the Marquess of Marsden. The Marquess is rumoured to be mad, going insane after the death of his beloved wife.


The Viscount and The Vixen is the story of the Marquess’s heir, Viscount Locksley. Our heroine is the lovely Portia who claims to be a widow and has offered to be the Marquess’s new wife but instead marries his heir. The viscount and his new viscountess claim to not need love in their relationship, but that’s exactly what happens. The plot does have some twists and turns. The best part of the book is the Marquess. He lightens up the book and provides some light-hearted humour.

With such a poor opinion of men, why the devil was she here? “Yet you sought another marriage?”

“As I mentioned, I sought security.” That small smile again, as though she were amused by a private joke.

Obviously, Lorraine Heath gets into the reasons why the two don’t want to find love, or why a woman as beautiful as Portia would want to marry a man 35+yrs older to her and considered to be mad. They way she spins the tale is as per her usual style. What The Viscount and The Vixen lacks is what Lorraine Heath’s other books had aplenty – the ability to invoke the readers’ emotions and take it along for the ride.

If you are a sucker for romance novels that are a light read, then give it a go. Each book can be read as a standalone. These are the reviews for book one – Falling into Bed with a Duke and book two – The Earl Takes All.

If you are interested in reading more of Lorraine Heath’s works, I would recommend Sweet Lullaby, Always to Remember, and Parting Gifts.


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