Book Review – Confused Bastards by Manav Vigg

Confused Bastards is Manav Vigg’s first novel. A feel good book about three young men, who are like the title says, confused.

The three protagonists of the story – Jai, Vivek, and Aakash are the normal 20-30 somethings that we find so very common these days. Most often we find these sort of people within ourselves. We are of a generation that’s gone by our parents’ expectations while we were in school, and college. Then the world opened up and we found ourselves having so many opportunities.


Confused Bastards is about these three people who, just like us, are facing problems in life – Failed marriages, dead-end high-pressure job, and ennui. Aakash does come across as someone who has tried hard for someone to believe in him and invest in him. He is now at a stage in life where everything is boring and there is nothing that comes without strings attached. Jai is stuck in a job; he has responsibilities to his family and has to put up with his ridiculous boss and office politics. Vivek is an IIT-IIM graduate, an investment banker with a failed marriage, and is looking for answers about life and its purpose.

Typical quarter-life crisis situation our heroes are in. One fine night, they decide to become entrepreneurs and actually pull it off. Of course, things are not always peachy and they head right into trouble. And again they are stuck – in a situation of their own making. How they come out of it and how they handle life from that point onwards is interesting.

Manav Vigg writes interestingly. Though it is his first novel, he has written well. The language is simple, yet he doesn’t compromise on quality or detail. There is romance, villainy, cynicism, optimism, and a very interesting revelation at the end of the book. Manav Vigg has spun a fine plot and he shows his talent in the little twists and turns.

Confused Bastards is a breezy read, you can finish it in a few hours at one sitting. And you will definitely enjoy it.

I would recommend it.

I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

Confused BastardsConfused Bastards by Manav Vigg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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