Although I published this post back in October this year, the daily prompt, Missing, had me going back to it.

This is for all the wonderful grandfathers and their grandchildren!

Frost At Midnite

Men! One can’t live with them, one can’t live without them.

The men in my life deserve a special mention. There are many including family and friends. But this post is about two really special men who I miss so very much – my grandfathers.

My maternal grandfather was Mr. Raghavan Nair. He was such a gentleman! All charm and chivalry. My paternal grandfather was Dr. Viswanathan Menon. He wasn’t much of a charmer like my other grandfather, but he had his own persona. He was a veterinarian by profession and had the most amazing library. Together they are RaVi to me.

Now, Ra, I was his first grandchild. The first born of his first born, his little girl’s little girl. You know what that means don’t you? I was so pampered. Ra was born into a family of 10 siblings. They later became 9 and then 8 remained. He…

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