Book Review – A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

A walk in the Rain is a feel good book. It has drama, romance, mystery, and thrill gushing through its pages. Udai Yadla has crafted a good plot and gotten a good book off of it.

A Walk in the Rain is about a lot of people. Though it revolves around Sunny, it showcases the people in his life and tells their story as well. The book is written in a style that switches between the past and the present. It does the author credit that he does this throughout the book very seamlessly.


Surya, or Sunny as he is known to his friends, is a system programmer. He doesn’t socialise much, a lingering effect of an indifferent father and secluded childhood. But the few friends he has, he cherishes.

Everything in this world happens with a purpose. You are born in this world with a purpose, you are chosen by purpose

Saloni is a prostitute forced into the job by circumstances and the greed of others. When fate brings Saloni and Sunny together, they witness the murder of Sunny’s close friend. As Sunny sets off to avenge his friend’s death, he enlists the help of Saloni who agrees but asks for money in exchange. The two set off to catch the murderer.

As the book progresses, we get to know of Sunny’s background, his childhood, his school days, his friends, and how they came to be friends. We also get a glimpse into Saloni’s life –the past and the present. During the wild chase that Sunny and Saloni have embarked on, they get to understand that their attitudes towards each other are coloured by their prejudices and misconceptions. Life’s experiences have taught them that what you see is what you get. Though they are beginning to realise that sometimes all is not what it seems to be.

It’s not the person who is good or bad, it’s the side we rub of them.

Udai Yadla is promising writer and I am definitely looking forward to more of his work.

Although A Walk in the Rain is a good book, it could have been great. Sometimes there are too many words where a few would have sufficed. This actually makes you skip a few paragraphs here and there. Another irksome issue with this book is the usage of certain words – like hypnopompic (right there on the first page of chapter one). While an extensive vocabulary is a good thing to have, using words like these are not great in a book with an otherwise simple language structure. The author could have refrained from this.

Even though these are a few things that can be overlooked, what really works against this book is the very important step of editing and proofing. While there is a great story in A Walk in the Rain, editing and proofing have just rendered the quality of the book a whole lot less. I do not mean to say that the book as a whole is a bad read. On the contrary, A Walk in the Rain is a good book, which could have been great had editing and proofing been done right.

I sincerely hope that Udai Yadla’s next is a not subject to such a practice. Like I noted before, Udai Yadla is one of those authors whose books I look forward to, and I really hope that the publishers make a note to not make a great book just good.

Overall, A Walk in the Rain is a good book, filled with twists and turns that add to an interesting plot. I would recommend it to anyone looking for discovering new writing.


A Walk in the RainA Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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