Shiny Lights

via Daily Prompt Shine

As soon as I saw this prompt, I realised I spent two hours looking at shiny lights on Amazon and before that, I spent an odd hour looking at cute little lights on AliExpress. I didn’t end up buying anything.

That is an actual 3 or so hours I just wasted. Today was one of those days when the sun is beating down on us but there is a frostiness to the air. My mind is as confused as the weather today. And to top it off, I am not feeling any bit productive as well.

I feel lazy, sleepy and really lacklustre – Just one of those days. So, I ended up looking at lights – all sorts of lights. And they definitely were a pick me up. I don’t know why lights today, but some days it’s lights, some days it is hair clips and so on.

Some of my favourites are here. I may end up buying the one of these soon.



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