Someday I dream of going to a place.

Actually, I dream of going there for a whole month or perhaps more. That is the dream. But right now, I think, I would settle for a trip that’s as short as a week.

I dream of going to The Louvre. That magical place where past meets present. Where the dreams of those who lived before us are now alive, in colour and in monochrome.


Can you imagine how someone actually imagined Psyche being woken up by a kiss from Cupid? Oh, and Antonio Canova does this marble. The tenderness, the romance… Sigh!

Or Venus de Milo. The beauty and the elegance of bringing dreams to life!

I paint but don’t know how to sculpt. It is perhaps for that reason that sculptures pick at my heart more than paintings do. To think that what was once just stone, is now life-like with eyes that show emotions, with smooth skin and elegant posture; how can one not appreciate this marvel!

I have travelled a lot across India and there are some great museums and collections to be seen all over. But I do want to, in this lifetime, go and visit Paris’s museums. Or may just The Louvre and the Musée Rodin.

Rodin’s Kiss


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