Week in review – Week 2, 2017

Another week has gone by. What has happened in your corner of the world? Hopefully, it has all been good.

Keeping with the tradition of reviewing my week, I am posting this. I sound like a pro, though this is only the second ‘Week in Review’ post I am making.

Blog-wise, 7 posts this week as well! Well, there have been only two Daily Prompt based posts. I am writing another one along side this. So perhaps I can dare to say three Daily Prompt blog posts.

Books – again, three books this week. I wish I had read something really brainstorming, but it was all romance this week. And that too, the ones I had to review only. I did not read any book from the to-be-read pile. Shameless Me!

I did say I wanted to drink more water – I did. For four days this week I kept at it. I walked as much as the goals I set for myself – a pitiful one day. But, I have been revisiting my Spanish and french for four days in a row! And meditating for four days as well. My Calm streak is now four days long. I give myself a score of 15/28 this week. Much better than previous week’s pathetic 4/28. The goal is to get to 28/28, obviously and then on to keep it that way.

I haven’t yet gotten around to a gym, perhaps not this month. that plan is now stashed for later. I haven’t fought with anyone, I haven’t eaten out/takeaway, I also haven’t gone on a rant!

So overall very satisfied with myself. Hopefully, I don’t look too smug on Sunday.

Have a Happy Week ahead!

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