From Marina to Melbourne !!

I had recently posted about the Jallikattu issue, here. This week has seen massive protests in the state of Tamil Nadu, for  Jallikattu. Obviously a cultural angle is there, for the game has been around for 1000s of years.And everywhere around the world, there are people showing their support for Jallikattu.


Here, in Tamil Nadu, the protests have been widespread, but they are peaceful. Students, adults and even some children are a part of this effort. And this has been going on for days now. Finally today, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu met the country’s Prime Minister. The less said about the government of the state, the better. Although, if the late CM had been around, none of this would have happened. Protests aside, she would have taken a stronger stand than her successor, either of them. Actually, any stand would prove stronger than what is now being said and done by the government.


The IT Corridor (near Tidel Park), Chennai

There are of course people who cry about cruelty to animals, and other such horrors. Please note that we as a society have failed to treat our fellow humans with the dignity and respect they deserve. While PETA can claim “unethical” treatment of bulls, please look around their locations globally, you may find some things like this one. (or this) Then there is this website. I bet these creatures were also treated ethically.

PETA and its double standards – No fur, but leather is OK!?!? (Khloe in the photo has a Hermes Birkin Bag)

Of course, everyone wants a piece of the cake. Politicians, celebrities… everyone tweets, or puts up something for or against the topic. Being a democracy they are just exercising their freedom. The true heroes are those who are out there on the streets – students, elders, police officers, children… everyone out there deserves to be praised. There hasn’t been such a gathering towards a cause, not of this proportion and neither this widespread.

Also to be mentioned is the nature of the protest. There are peaceful protests everywhere. No one has any complaints. Men, women, children are all treated equally with the respect and dignity they deserve. No misbehaviour, no harassment. There has also been no damage reported. The protesters are cleaning up after themselves, taking care to keep the beach clean(here).

Marina_Beach_Jallikattu_protest 3.jpg

At the Marina Beach, Chennai

If the country doesn’t learn anything else from this, let it learn how to stage a protest. We are showing the world how we treat our people and our surroundings – watch and learn.

Our people out there protesting are not wearing leather jackets; they did not arrive by fancy cars. Their protection against the cold nights and the sweltering sun is their conviction. And that is what keeps them going.


At the Marina Beach, Chennai

They conduct themselves with far more dignity, decorum and ‘Ethics’ than most of those with the double standards who look down upon us and call us barbarians.

As Voltaire once said,

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

I am a Malayalee, but I grew up in Chennai. It is where I have lived most of my life. I love the city and am proud of it. More so now. We couldn’t have chosen a better way to show the rest of the World we are more than just lungi-wearing (or wearing flowers in our hair), curd rice eating people.

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