Week in review – Week 3 & 4, 2017

I have been very very late with this post. I was sick and then just didn’t muster up the urge to write, as is obvious with the blog.

Anyway, the review of my last two weeks of January is here.

Blog-wise there were 6 posts in all. Given my mood for the past two weeks, it is a miracle I wrote even that much.

Books – well, not many. Just a pathetic 3. I vegged out in front of TV or just slept my way through.

Amazingly though I have stuck to the goals list. Every day I drank water, meditated and kept at Spanish and French. This makes me very happy.

That’s all that happened. Not much really. Though this post is much delayed, better late than never.

Right now, I am thinking of whether to post my weekly reviews with the week beginning on Sundays or Mondays! Thus far it’s been on Sundays, perhaps I need to shift my week to start on Mondays. Let’s see.


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