What a relief to breathe! As I wrote before these past two weeks I had a cold, a terrible one at that.

My nose was clogged, my brain was waterlogged. Every day was miserable. But now, I can breathe through my nose. What Joy!

Seems like a little too much drama doesn’t it? But what is life if not for some drama. Drama saves our lives, mine at least, from being a bland routine.

Anyway, now that my nose and brain have been thoroughly cleaned by nature, I am back to daily drudgery. But elsewhere, in my city, something bad happened.

Just off the Ennore port, two ships rammed into each other. And this resulted in an oil spill.  The oil spill has already affected the fishermen & their business. Not to mention the loss of aquatic life. Turtles, fish and other sea creatures are now washed ashore or found dead covered in thick sludge. Especially since the famed Olive Ridleys use the beach to nest from January to March. (They are really cute and you can learn more about them here)

The beach has already seen too much action this year. Hopefully, those involved are able to clean up the oil spill before further damage is done.


Both Featured image and the above image are from The Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network

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