Craving a Little Something

It is now 5:11 pm as I sit down to write this. I had coffee a half hour back. It is a Saturday and I wanted to have something for a snack.

I am not a great whiz in the kitchen, and nor was there any ready-to-eat snack available at home. There is bread, though. But I was not in the mood for a sandwich. What I want is chaat – Bhel Puri!

If you do not know what Bhel Puri is, it is a mixture of puffed rice, veggies and some chutneys and sauces and a gazillion flavours. That definition is perhaps an understatement. Bhel Puri is so epic it has it’s very own Wikipedia page – here.

Image Courtesy – Your Everyday Cook

I sit here and imagine the slight crunch from the puffed rice, flavoured with the spices. The tanginess from the tamarind chutney and the heat from the green chutney that perfectly complement each other. The potatoes that provide a mild relief and the red onion that adds a crunchy fire only to be cooled by the juicy little bits of tomatoes. Then there is the hint of amchur – that tangy thing so different from the tamarind and the zing from the coriander. And the crunchy papdi and the nylon sev…. Ohhhhhh!!!!! With every bite, your tongue will be on its own orgasmic trip.

Image Courtesy – Premascook.

Sometimes you find pomegranate (not the entire fruit, obviously) in your bhel puri, sometimes its raw mango or even peanuts. There are myriad ingredients that can be put into the bhel puri, it’s a mind-boggling number of permutations and combinations for such a ridiculously awesome dish. Bhel puri is a dish that’s as simple as its overwhelming.

I am so hungry just imagining it, I am practically drooling over my keyboard. I am off to indulge.

Note – the links to the image sources are the recipes for bhel puri. And I also thank the bloggers for the recipes and the photographs.


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