Romance Movie – My Favourite

It’s that time of the year again and there are going to be red heart shaped balloons and streamers in most places. Not to mention the offers on everything from clothing to food to makeup and what not.

As for me, I love Valentine’s day. What’s not to love about it? On one Valentine’s day I fell in love, or what I thought was love. A few months later, I was over it. God knows how fragile and fleeting my love is!

Other than falling in love with something or someone, I also pull pranks on Valentine’s day.  It’s one of those days that some people tend to be a bit more depressed about, because of the general pressure that society puts on us. And so, one valentine’s day many years back I did something and you can read about it here.

Thankfully, I wasn’t fired. My employer, teammates and boss were very cool. And Sail… she’s still just as awesome as ever.

Though times have changed and I may have evolved in my approach to valentine’s day, there is one thing that hasn’t changed. My favourite romantic movie, in Tamil, – it has got be Mouna Raagam. The next place would go to Roja.


Mouna Raagam is my favourite romantic movie because as far as I am concerned it has got everything going for it. (And it makes me feel mushy inside. Like some strange emotion got hold of my heart and gave it a nice big hug.) Unlike today’s leading ladies of the romance genre, Mouna Raagam has a strong female lead. There is a plot and then some. Wonderful movie with everything from script to editing and cinematography working in sync.

Mouna Raagam is Divya’s story. She doesn’t want to be married, but pressure from her family finds her being married off to Chandrakumar.  She moves to Delhi with him after the marriage, but there is no accord between them as Divya is still resistant to the idea of being married. Chandrakumar asks Divya what she wants for a wedding gift, and she asks him for a divorce. She then goes ahead and narrates the tale of her love, and how she lost that love. Chandrakumar brings her the divorce papers, the gift that she asked for, and as his gift a pair of anklets, asking her to choose between them. Divya chooses the divorce. Twists and turns (over the time period of a year) later, in the end, Chandrakumar is shown dropping Divya off at the train station. It is then that they realise their feelings for each and get back together in an overly dramatic scene. But then, that had to be dramatic given it is a Tamil movie that was superb otherwise.


Divya’s character was brought to life by Revathi and Chandrakumar by Mohan. Revathi is a great actress, and I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that no one else can be a ‘Divya’ better. And though Mohan is great as Chandrakumar, and proves to be the ying to Divya’s yang, somehow Revathi definitely overshadows her male counterpart. But then the story is centred around her character, and that is how it is. And, Mani Rathnam – those were really his greatest years.

Dominant female characters, male actors not afraid of acting in such a movie, no misogyny, no obscenity, no vulgarity, no thrashing/bashing or gyrating… what’s not to love about the movie. I wish they played the movie on some TV channel in the coming days.

Honestly, the photos are horrible as I couldn’t find anything better for a movie that’s over 30 years old. 


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