Winner’s Bakery

Look at that Goodness!

Winner’s Bakery is such an awesome place when it comes to getting baked goodies. There are breads and pastries and cakes and so much more. I haven’t tried out all of it.

Every time I go there, I look into this counter – especially looking out for the cupcakes. These cupcakes are different every single day. Today there were birds, but I have seen pandas, ducks, and cats as well. So tempting!


Another favourite is the cinnamon roll. I love cinnamon rolls, and theirs are quite good. The cinnamon rolls are flaky, crunchy, just perfectly done. And the dusting of sugar on top seals the deal.

Also to be recommended are the Banana-walnut loaf, sticky coffee, cheese straws. It goes without saying that Winner’s Bakery’s Multi-Grain bread is always in stock at home. And at Christmas time, their plum cake!

Of the lot in the photo, I have tried their Japanese Cake, Mango Mousse, Black Forest, and all the things that have ‘choco’ in the name. I have also tried their Pineapple upside down cake, and choco eclair. The Pineapple upside down cake didn’t tempt me again, but I have been sampling the rest of the lot ever so often. The black forest, choco eclair and the Japanese cake are favourites.

You can get your own customised cakes made here as well, obviously!

I have often wondered why they named it “Winner’s Bakery” and then I figured it out. You win every time you toss some of that stuff into your mouth – worth every paisa! LOL!

I totally love this place! And today I wanted those birds to fly right into my mouth. 😔

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