Week in review – Week 8, 2017

I know I am late to post this, but I have a reason. But first, let’s review how my week was.

Overall it went well. Read a few books, blogged 6 times, walked, studied, etc. So I have been keeping with my goals, mostly.

I woke up in the early hours of Sunday with an itch. I thought it was perhaps weather induced scalp dryness. And like the nice Malayalee girl that I am, I doused my hair and scalp in coconut oil and let it sit for 3 hours before I washed it off, without shampoo. (Again, my Malayalee genes were strong here).

Monday went by, and Tuesday evening again my scalp starts itching. To scratch it I brought out my fine toothed comb. Lo and behold – Lice!

The issue was dealt with promptly and with an underlying viciousness. But then I did spend two days scratching my head, pulling my hair and worse. So finally since my hands are free I am getting this post done!

This post is not as elaborate because my scalp still hurts due to the constant combing and scratching and pulling and the general abuse it dealt with. And this has made my headache as well. Until next time.

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