Week in review – Week 10 & 11, 2017

This month has been more or less rubbish overall. After the last review, there have been three posts on this blog. That is three posts in two weeks! Yet, I look at this as something is better than nothing.

Otherwise, the temperatures are increasing steadily and I find myself cursing the Indian summer this year. Usually, though it is hot, it is tolerable. This year I find myself waking up tired of the heat.

I started reading Norse Mythology early in March, and am yet to finish it. It is like the heat is melting away my brains, and I have become very lethargic as a result.

Perhaps, that is not completely true. I do find myself walking a full 8 km every day as a goal. Then I am sweaty and irritated and all plans go down the drain.

So, I have taken one small resolution as of now. To slow down. I shall read one book a week, continue to walk those 8km at least 4 days a week and keep the other goals as they were. That should change things up a bit I figure. Let’s see.

Hopefully, the rest of March and April will be better.

In other news, I met an uncle, aunt and a cousin sister of mine after ages. This cousin is the youngest of the lot and now in her second year of college, but great fun to be with. It was a good time on the whole.

Here’s to a great week ahead and I hope you are all keeping cool and wearing sunscreen!


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