Week In Review Frost At Midnite

Week in review – Week 13, 2017

Another week gone by, another review; how time flies by!

Time has been going on and I have been lazing around. Well, not completely. I have been more active after sunset and feel completely drained during the day. It is getting hotter and hotter every day. Accuweather predicts temperatures in Chennai may reach as high as 40degrees in April itself. And the humidity…!!!  How is the weather where you are from? I hope it is much less hot than here.

Goals – superb! Except for a few times that I couldn’t find the energy, I have now consistently walked and hit the goals. Keeping track of this is Google Fit and it is amazing. Keeping me hydrated does not seem like a goal anymore because all anyone wants to do is drink water!

Books have been scarce as exams are coming up and I really cannot take up anything but light reads.

It has definitely been a very bland week otherwise.

Here’s to a more awesome week ahead!

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