Eyes… all four of my eyes.

If you do not know already, I have been wearing spectacles since I was 8 years old. So, over two decades now.

In college, or rather after four years of college I was wearing contact lenses full-time. During college, since I had to travel by bus and it was very windy and dusty, I wouldn’t wear my contacts often. Besides, I did fall asleep often during class. Even more reasons. But, primarily while they are very convenient, I guess I am lazy at times to actually do the routine. So, I end up with depositing my glasses on my nose and that’s it – done for the day!

My doctor through these 2+decades has been constant – Dr ET Selvam (Selvam’s Eye care clinic) and I usually used to buy my glasses from there. But once I discovered vanity and the limited choice available on site, I chose other stores for ordering my prescriptions.

It was like this that I went to Titan EyePlus a few years back. Went and checked my eye power (which matched with my doctors prescription), ordered contacts, and then because they had a good selection, glasses as well. It cost a bomb.

Within a week I was back in the store again. I ordered these brown frame glasses and in a matter of days, there were scratches all over them. First, it was not that evident. But they just kept on increasing in density and it was quite weird. I could see clearly through them, but couldn’t work on the laptop or view any screen with clarity. If you touch you can’t feel any of these scratches, it’s like something went wrong inside the lens – only I don’t know what. But, for the price I paid, it was a completely ridiculous experience.


When I went to the showroom, the sales rep initially said he couldn’t see any scratch and said the lens was well. Then I actually had to take him to a light source and show it to him, and then he says it must have been something I had done. After 20 odd years of wearing glasses, I wonder if I have ever wiped my glasses clean with sand paper! (The absolute worst sort of customer service I have ever encountered is Big Bazaar, and the second place goes to Titan EyePlus.)

But I got by since I had my old glasses and contacts. Time to check my eyes again and I got it done last month. I had to change my glasses as it was well over half a decade of using those glasses. As I did not want to go through the same nightmare as with Titan EyePlus, I was a bit hesitant. Finally decided I would try Lenskart.com. I was apprehensive as to how it would turn out to be.

Let me tell you, it was a cake walk. The only trouble you will have is to select a frame – so many choices! And then once you have made your selection, you order and then upload your prescription. Easy!


The delivery was made within a few days. I did not have any human contact with anyone except with the delivery guy who called to confirm when he could make the delivery. I had chosen the payment as ‘cash on delivery’ which explains the call. Otherwise, I had no need to talk to anyone and my order was placed, processed, and delivered with absolutely no hassle.

I have been using these glasses for a few days now, and there are no issues with them what so ever. The build of the frame, the fit, the clarity of lenses, and their weight are all satisfactory. No complaints at all. In fact, I may just order another pair as backup. And one for my mom as well.

With the summer in full swing, I am using my contacts more than these glasses. But, I still think these glasses are cool enough to blog about, and post on Instagram.  🙂

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