Week In Review Frost At Midnite

Week in review – Week 14 & 15, 2017

Well, shame on me really. I had forgotten to write about week 14’s review and therefore this combined review.

Both the weeks went by blandly. I would like to tell you that it was all progress on all fronts, but that would not be true. Time went by, some things got done, somethings didn’t. There is no explaining the lethargy during the day and completely drained out feeling at the end of the day. The heat is getting to everyone.

Anyway, this past week, was Vishu – Malayalam new year. We celebrated as usual. We had a Vishukanni, which we saw early in the morning at 430 AM. After which I promptly went back to bed. Of course, only after all the blessings in the form of money were collected.

The major part of Vishu is that, collections and the meal. We had a superb meal. And we didn’t make it at home. Since Mummy has a sprain in her hand, and my granny was having back ache, I didn’t even bother to go shopping for whatever was needed. And since I am not going to put in the effort to prepare as many dishes as required for the Vishu sadya for one meal, I ordered it from Ente Keralam.


There was plenty of food. And both quality and quantity were great. (I should probably write about  it.) Both Granny and Mummy have now decided that this shall be norm come Vishu and Onam. Hee Hee.. How times have changed!

Later in the day relatives came home and we had fun with cousins. But the most part of last week was spent watching TV. All those new movies were watched. So much for productivity!

That is about it. Nothing major got done anyway. Hope you all have a great week ahead.

And here’s wishing you a very Happy Vishu!

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