Restaurant Review: The ThickShake Factory, Nungambakkam

It has been a while since I wrote about food. And what better to write about during the summer than what is perhaps the best sort of food for the summer – Liquid Food.

I am not a great fan of juices; if I can get my hands on fruit, Yay! But I tend to shy away from fruit juices. I must say ThickShake Factory is probably the one exception to this case and I shall definitely be sampling more of their stuff.

Before I get into writing about what I had, let me tell you that I haven’t set foot inside their restaurant. Thanks to Swiggy, I have had their shakes and slushies in the comfort of my home. I understand that makes reviewing the ambience and service difficult, but I figure that’s alright since I am terribly impressed by the quality.

I have tried four different shakes and slushies from their menu. I would say their menu is not a manifold selection, but it is not lacking either. And I feel this is the right amount of choices as well because too much is just unnecessary confusion for people like me.

You can get your orders in three forms – the ThickShake, the Milkshake, and the slushy form. And these are what I have tried. Belgian Chocolate Thickshake, Strawbanana Thickshake, Strawberry Melon slushy, Tropical Freshener slushy.


I would definitely advise ordering a ThickShake if you are hungry. What you get is so filling, it is almost a meal! The Strawbanana is, like the name suggests, a Strawberry-Banana ThickShake. Flavours of both the fruits came through and it was just thick enough to be scooped up by a spoon as well. The Belgian Chocolate Thickshake is an experience in itself. Luxuriously thick, chocolatey and sinful! The slushies were savoured since it is summer. I nursed that one drink for a long time and can say that even the last drop was as flavoursome as the first. They are perfect for our weather now.

The delivery made by Swiggy was as usual prompt. And the packaging done by the restaurant was good. There were no leakages/spillages. The cups, straws and spoons were quite sturdy and came intact as well.

The prices differ, with the ThickShake version of a drink costing more. Slushies are 89, milkshakes 139, ThickShakes 159. (Of course, VAT was added for delivery) And I feel what you get with the ThickShake makes it worth the money.

My favourite from the entire lot – Strawberry Melon slushy! (But I would choose the Belgian Chocolate ThickShake if I wanted breakfast and lunch served together in one meal!)

For more photos, reviews and other details of the restaurant, visit the link below.

The ThickShake Factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


*Also, I would like to thank Swiggy without which my lazy self won’t have been able to sample as much deliciousness. Great app, great service!

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