Week In Review Frost At Midnite

Week in Review – Week 17 & 18, 2017

I did it again, missed writing a week and now I have to do two weeks together. But it doesn’t matter since nothing much really happened.

Week 17 was actually very good. Productive consistently achieved my goals and all that week. The end of the week, Saturday my parents went on a trip to Munnar via Madurai. It is a thing that happens every year. All of my dad’s post graduation classmates meet up every year. They plan a trip someplace and that lot of them meets up there with their spouses. A rather nice thing to do even after so many decades post-college.

The week after that was awesome as well. My parents came back from their trip and bought a load of goodies. Home made chocolates, hand made soaps etc.

Tuesday I met my friends. Of course, you may know Heena, we meet every few months. But Anu and Aparna met with us after ten long years! Yet, it doesn’t seem to be that long. We still felt like we met just last week.

It is amazing to be able to have friends whom you have not seen in a few years and still be able to take off as if that time had not elapsed. These girls are all darlings. Good people!

We met up for lunch at Ciclo Cafe and then went for ice creams at Cream Stone.  After which I had to go with daddy to get his cell phone repaired.

While he was away on the trip, his phone’s charger got damaged and he wasn’t able to charge his phone. His phone is an LeTV thing that is not compatible with the Samsung/Moto/Micromax chargers.

Their service centres are on Anna Salai. And while on the venture to get to the shop, I had a face to face with the road itself. It was good to know that I am still clumsy and can fall face down in front of a crowd leaving their offices for the day without feeling any shame.

Some kind souls did help me and handed me my bag and I thanked them as well. My daddy gave me his hand and I stood up and walked to the shop like usual. Ten minutes later, while waiting at the shop, my father asks me why I fell? Like I would have an explanation for being clumsy! But, all dads tend to ask these questions. Goes with the territory.

Also, these two weeks, I read a lot of books. I have to review them. Maybe I will group them into one post.

That’s about all that happened in the past two weeks.

Hope your week is coming along great!

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