Book Review – Messed Up! But All for Love by Arvind Parashar

This book was one I read when I was in a reading slump. Messed Up! But All for Love is a romantic thriller by Arvind Parashar and the first of a trilogy. I was wondering if the title of the book was a bit too much, but one can’t hold that against as a prejudice against any book.

Messed Up! But All for Love is a story about many people. It is not the average romance between two protagonists and how it goes wrong, or about how they make it right. There are plenty of characters and everyone has a part to play.

Neil and Gauri are married to each other, one a senior executive and the other a dentist with a practice of her own. Though they seem to be the perfect couple to all those who know them, there is trouble in paradise. And I think it can be attributed to the one common cause that plagues most relationships – communication.

There are plenty of characters who come and go, Srinya, Drishti, Somesh, Tom, Jerry, James, Mehr to name a few. These are people who can afford to take multiple vacations to exotic foreign destinations and not have much to care about. Their world is one that is delicately woven amidst myriad materialistic goals.


And what happens when all of it comes crashing down around them, or one of them in particular? That is what this book is about. A series of events leads to Neil landing up in jail for a period of time, his wife now seeks divorce and his refuge is a flat that he shares with his friends. How can he get back the life he led, and his love? Plots are hatched, only to reveal that there are unknown plots and subplots in action since before all of this started. But, eventually things get sorted out and there is a happy ending of sorts.

For all that the book promised, it was perhaps not delivered in writing. The plot was a good one, but the writing style of back and forth between past and present gave me a sense of whizzing past things at times. The book also has a lot of ‘Hinglish’ interspersed with verses from Shakespeare to H R Bachchan. I felt it was a little too much of variety perhaps in terms of quotations. If the author could have skipped over something, it should have been the love making scenes. Those could have been skipped entirely or perhaps been a bit better written. Overall, this is one book that reads like a movie. You can picture it, with its myriad characters and exotic locales and people trying to figure things out as everything falls apart. I would not be surprised if, in fact, it does go on to become a Hindi movie.

I would recommend this book to those who are interested in the romance genre. A short read, Messed Up! But All for Love could sustain you for a couple of hours with all its twists and turns and plots.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 
**This time around, I discovered the book’s Facebook page and all images are from there. 

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Messed Up! But All for LoveMessed Up! But All for Love by Arvind Parashar

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5 thoughts on “Book Review – Messed Up! But All for Love by Arvind Parashar

  1. This is a problem with almost all writers of present day.
    Yes, there are a lot of similarities between Kuch Kuch hota hai & Someone to Love.

    Do you have any recommendations from the old Indian Fiction? I haven’t read any..


    1. I usually used to get these books at the govt library inside the museum complex in Chennai. Apparently all publications used to send a copy of their books to the museum, so it’s a treasure trove only. Though there aren’t new books. I don’t remember many of them as this was all in the pre-goodreads era. There are plenty of local authors that I’d recommend, but Sujatha(Tamil) & Kamala Das are a sure recommend.

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  2. I hate this book for all the filminess & the Hinglish that it has. I highly disapprove of these things. And Indian authors just can’t write a good Romance without including such stupid things!

    The story itself wasn’t a very impressive one. The blurb did sound a bit interesting, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you. Especially with the blurb being interesting.
      But I find this Bollywood influence something that most Indian authors write into their romance novels. Wasn’t Someone to Love very similar to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as well? Though I must also say that there is plenty of old Indian fiction that’s dealt with romance brilliantly. (Like a few decades old stuff.)

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